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We All Have a Story To Tell

Posted on 26 December, 2015 at 9:05


We All Have a Story To Tell


Whenever I tell someone I’m writing a book, or as is now the case; I have written a book, nine times out of ten their reply is always the same, “I would love to write a book,” they tell me enthusiastically.

“Then why don’t you?” I ask.

And then comes all manner of reasons why they can’t which range from “I don’t know where to begin.” I don’t know how,” or I can’t spell.” These days being unable to spell is the last reason not to write.

But there is one reason not to write that I hear a lot, “I would love to write a book but I have done nothing in my life worth writing about.” This last statement in my opinion couldn’t be further from the truth, as everyone somewhere has at some point done something in their life worth a mention. It just takes some of us longer to realise that than others.

Several years ago I was struggling with dark moods from having foolishly believed I hadn’t achieved much in my life. The moods left me so overwhelmed that I was unable to think straight. In fact, it wasn’t until I put pen to paper and started making a list of everything I had so far done in my life that I realised I had actually achieved an awful lot, enough even to write a book or two.

And so I started to write a book about my life with the intention of giving it to my children and maybe even grandchildren. The book is nowhere near finished, and when I compare it to my writing today it makes me cringe when I see just how badly I wrote.

But that’s not the point; the point is we all have a story to tell.



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